Petrol Station Management System Our Petrol Station Management Software is a Complete Accounting & Inventory Software for Petrol stations. The software covers nearly all the functionality of a Petrol station from Meter Reading to Lubricant Sales, Credit Sales, DIP stock v/s Actual stock, Density, Tank wise stock and lot more… It is successfully installed in Windows XP, Windows-7, 8 & in Windows 10 also. Our software has an in-built accounting module which has complete accounting & inventory operations.

Salient Features

Data on fully secured dedicated server
Access to data and reports anytime and anywhere.
Personalised Dashboard for Pump owner .
Personalised dashboard for Credit Customer .
HR / Payroll module.
Driver loyalty Program .
Scheme and point systems.
Complete control of Pump owner on sales and credit limits.
Outstanding List on fingertips of the pump owner .
Mobile app for pump owner .
Mobile app for Salesman to do daily credit sales.

Analytical Reports

Nozzle wise/ Dispensing unit wise Sales
Location wise Sales & Purchase
Item wise/ Party wise/ Vehicle wise Sales
Annual/Month wise Purchase/Sales
Salesman wise Day Book
Day Book – Consolidated
Party wise Outstanding
Individual Credit sales wise Outstanding
Credit Sales statement wise Outstanding
Stock/Inventory Report
Location wise Stock Report

General Features

Meter Reading – Direct/ Salesman wise/ Shift wise
Lubricant Sales – Direct/ Salesman wise
Item Loss Entry for petrol,diesel,LPG and Lubes
Salesman wise Sale
Stock issues to Salesman
Cash Status Salesman wise
Stock Position Salesman
Evaporation/ Handing Loss and Testing
DIP v/s Actual Stock
Tank-wise Stock
Receipt against Individual Sale/ Credit Statement

Hospital Management System A complete hospital management software using mobile apps. Mobile applications for Doctors, Nurses, CEO, CFO, Patients, Pharmacy. Do every hospital operation on the touch of your mobile phones | Tablets.

Easy to Use

User friendly design, easy to customize, graphical user interface, easy to install and use for all personels

Amazing UI

Graphical Presentation of MIS, Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis, graphical user interface


Comprehensive Performance Reports, Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information related to Patient


Package Supports Adaptability & Scalability of Software making it more robust, General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD & IPD Patients generated


Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules, Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail


GInterface facility with the Smart Card Technology, Interface with the Bar Code, various Laboratory Equipments for Data Capturing, HL7, HIPAA Compliance.

Strong Server

Complete database Driven, modular structure, easy query handling for instant requests and responses.


Single window view to locate patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical History, clinical notes, OT, Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas.

Laboratory Management System An integrate form of program that helps to manage and store data involve during diagnosis of entire medical procedure. In laboratory information system has different versions of software as per their application


Collection center master, User master, Test master, Lab unit master, Account master.


Comes with Billing, Inventory and Accounting management inbuilt in the software, Patients can access reports via Internet using Login Name and Password..


Maxim LIS provides Admin section to handle all the operations at once.

Web Based

consist of Unlimited LAN terminals license, plus host of new features added. Complete package for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory.

User Friendly

Add/edit customer, Add/edit Doctor, Edit test, Patient search.


Summary report (Investigation report), Reports with graphical representation, Discard sample type report, Print reports, send report to collection centre via internet


Specimen collection, Specimen rejection/hold, Sample status,report.


Auto Load Default Test Results, Add / edit Test Result Patient Entry,Print multiple test results on a single page. On one page combine Heamogram + Biochemistry reports

Money Transfer System Developed exclusively in close partnership with existing money service businesses and industry leaders, Money Transfer System is the software of choice. It effectively manages all aspect of a money transfer business from Agents to Customers and Correspondences, using simple yet advanced features

Stay Compliant

With comprehensive AML & KYC compliance checks. it has been built exclusively in partnership with existing money service businesses and industry leaders, ensuring that the features we build into the system are what you need to run a successful business.

Stay Organised

We don’t make things complicated. Despite being the most powerful software for money transfer businesses, our system is also the easiest to use. Helping you achieve so much in so little clicks and time. With less time spent on the system, you can spend more time on stuff to improve your business.

Stay Profitable

With features to help grow your business and profit.No matter the size of your business or budget, we have packages that’ll suit your exact needs. So you only pay for what you need and can easily upgrade as your business grows. Also, with our ongoing deals, you’re sure to get much more for your money.

School Management System Digitizing the scholastic institutions to survive in this Internet era with a myriad of benefits to excel in academics as well as management.

Best Brains

If you are ready to take part in the digital school revolution, then this is the right destination for you. Web School ERP can deal with all the tasks that you need to face in an educational institution in its longest run.

School Simplified

Our guaranteed and stable streaming over any browsers helps administrators to access or modify data from anywhere at any time without interruptions. Regardless of the shift among Chrome, Firefox or Explorer, users can access our school management software at the perfect quality.

Across Devices

The smart phone friendly design lets administrators to view or edit the institution data anytime over the phone. This school management system software has been proven to be highly responsive.

24/7 ERP

Our customer service personnel will be available round the clock to hear client issues and resolve them at the earliest. We are much pleased to work on any of your needs regarding our institution management software.With Web School ERP, managing an educational organization is made easy at any time.


Clients have provision for updating our software for a better reference experience in the administration and control of institution data. In account with changing systems or curriculum in the education

Improved UI

Providing a brand new educational culture to all the schools across the world is the inspirational factor behind the development of this solution. Realizing all the practical challenges needed to face in the running of a school has made us go for such a school management software, which can assure you the best experience.