CODELAB-FMS™ is a world class Petrol Station Management Software. We are one of the best Petrol Station Software providers in Kenya, Who provides customized petrol station management software to domestic and international clients. Since year 2008.

Our Petrol Station Management system is based on international guideline of petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries operations. It is also describes data quality management and assurance practices to provide guidance for the users. Our software is comprehensive petrol station management software for petrol station billing management, petrol station inventory management, petrol station accounts management, petrol station lube stock management and overall activities of petrol station.

CODELAB forecourt management system™ is easy to use, low maintenance and customized software solution. It is specially designed for our user’s prospective. It’s covers major area of petrol pumps, in which a Petrol/ Diesel filling station need help. Such as bill generation, nozzle reading, rate history, credit billing, sale reports, tank wise stock, petrol card/swipe card/credit card sale management, financial account statement, staff salary management, tanker management, lubes stock management etc.


Cloud based Accounting and Inventory software ,Data secured dedicated server ,Real time data access from anywhere,Personalised Dashboard for station owner,
personalised portal for Credit Customer, HR / Payroll.


Month wise Sales/ Purchase,Month wise Stock,Cash Flow,Daily Cash and Credit Sales,Sales Comparison Previous and Current Month,Year wise/ Month wise


Nozzle wise/ Dispensing unit wise Sales,Location wise Sales & Purchase.,Item wise/ Party wise/ Vehicle wise Sales,Month wise Purchase/Sales.Salesman wise Day Book,Day Book – Consolidated.


Ledger Account,Cash Account & Bank Account,Bank Reconciliation,Cost Accounting,Ledger Report,Cash In & Cash Out


Item wise/ Value wise Stock Report,Location wise Stock Report,Salesman wise Stock Report,Item Ledger Report, Item Movement Report,Calculates Closing stock on As per Purchase Rate/Sale Rate/Purchase.


SMS on Cash and Credit Sales,Credit Sales to Credit Customers,Statement Generation,Payment Receipt,Delayed Payments,Birthday & Anniversary


Forecourt controller serves to control over petroleum dispensers and automatic tank gauge systems and probes. It knows communication protocols of a great variety of dispensers and ATG systems and probes and allows control over any of pumps and probes.Forecourt controller undertakes all work on communication with dispensers and ATG systems using their native communication protocols and takes into account all their peculiarities.

  • Supports over 85 communication protocols of fuel dispensers and ATG systems.
  • Control up to 50 fuel dispenser sides (fueling places)
  • Control up to 50 ATG probes (gauges)
  • Controller automatically authorizes dispensers and saves all pumps sales and tanks measurements to SD flash disk with a possibility of reports generation.
  • Real-time control over fuel dispensers and ATG systems.

Support more than 100 brands of fuel dispensers from various manufacturers: 2A, Actronic, Adast (Adamov Systems), Ag Walker, Agira, Angi International, Ariel, Aspro, Assytech, Astron, Azt, Baransay, Batchen, Bennett, Blue Sky, Censtar, CFT Clean Fuel, Compac, Coptron, Coritec, Datian Machines, Dem G. Spyrides, Develco, Dong Hwa Prime, Durulsan, Eaglestar, Emgaz Dragon, Epco, Esiwelma, Europump, Falcon LPG, Fornovo Gas, Fuelquip, Fuelsis, Galileo, Gaslin, Gerkon, Gilbarco, Greenfield, Hitachi, Hong Yang, IMW, Intermech, Kalvacha, Kievniigaz, Korea Ene, KPG-2, Kraus, Kwangshin, Lanfeng, LG Ene, Logitron, Maser, Meksan / Wayne SU86, Mekser, Mepsan, Midco, MM Petro (Zap), Motogaz, MS GAs, Nara, Nuova Migas, Nuovo Pignone, PEC (Gallagher Fuel Systems), Petposan, Petroequip, Petromeccanica, Petrotec, Prowalco, Pump Control, Real-Tech, RIX, Safe, Salzkotten, Sanki, Sea Bird, Shelf, Scheidt & Bachmann, Shibata, Slavutich, Somo Petro, Star, Tatsuno (Japan), Tatsuno Europe (former Benc), Tekser, Tokheim, Tokheim India, Tokico, Tominaga, Topaz, Transponder, Ucar Elektric, Unicon-TIT, Vanzetti, Wayne Dresser, Wayne Pignone, Yenen, Zcheng Genuine Machines and others.

Support more than 30 types of automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems of various manufactures: Accu, Alisonic, Assytech, Bluesky, Dut-E, Eaglestar, Ebw, Enraf, Fafnir, Franklin Fueling, Gamicos, Gilbarco Veeder Root, Hectronic, Hong Yang, Humanentec, Incon, Labko, Mts Atg Sensors, North Falcon, Omnicomm, Omntec, Opw, Qingdao Guihe, Start Italiana, Struna, Uniprobe, Vega, Windbell and others.