Codelab FMS - Cloudbased Petrol Station Accounting & Inventory Management System

Our Petrol Station Management System that comes with an abundance of cutting-edge features like cloud-based management, real-time access on the go, easy customization, HR/payroll and others that will make life easier for you.

The best cloud software for petrol stations in  Africa is designed to help you optimize your petrol station operations by automating tasks such as sale/purchase tracking, billing, vehicle recording, customer management, online payment, invoice generation, reporting, inventory management, security, payroll, etc. Basically, it’s an all-in-one Cloud Software for gas station Africa that lets you efficiently manage your petrol station business anytime from anywhere, even when you’re travelling.

Tired of manually managing your petrol station business in Africa? Concerned about petrol theft or leaks? Looking for a better way to manage your station?


CODELAB-FMS™ is a world class Petrol Station Management System. We are one of the best Petrol Station Software providers in Kenya, Who provides customized petrol station management software to domestic and international clients. Since year 2008.

Our Petrol Station Management system is based on international guideline of petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries operations. It is also describes data quality management and assurance practices to provide guidance for the users. Our software is comprehensive petrol station management software for petrol station billing management, petrol station inventory management, petrol station accounts management, petrol station lube stock management and overall activities of petrol station.

CODELAB forecourt management system™ is easy to use, low maintenance and customized software solution. It is specially designed for our user’s prospective. It’s covers major area of petrol pumps, in which a Petrol/ Diesel filling station need help. Such as bill generation, nozzle reading, rate history, credit billing, sale reports, tank wise stock, petrol card/swipe card/credit card sale management, financial account statement, staff salary management, tanker management, lubes stock management etc.


Cloud based Accounting and Inventory software ,Data secured dedicated server ,Real time data access from anywhere,Personalised Dashboard for station owner,
personalised portal for Credit Customer, HR / Payroll.


Month wise Sales/ Purchase,Month wise Stock,Cash Flow,Daily Cash and Credit Sales,Sales Comparison Previous and Current Month,Year wise/ Month wise


Nozzle wise/ Dispensing unit wise Sales,Location wise Sales & Purchase.,Item wise/ Party wise/ Vehicle wise Sales,Month wise Purchase/Sales.Salesman wise Day Book,Day Book – Consolidated.


Ledger Account,Cash Account & Bank Account,Bank Reconciliation,Cost Accounting,Ledger Report,Cash In & Cash Out


Item wise/ Value wise Stock Report,Location wise Stock Report,Salesman wise Stock Report,Item Ledger Report, Item Movement Report,Calculates Closing stock on As per Purchase Rate/Sale Rate/Purchase.


SMS on Cash and Credit Sales,Credit Sales to Credit Customers,Statement Generation,Payment Receipt,Delayed Payments,Birthday & Anniversary


Forecourt controller serves for control over petroleum, LPG and CNG dispensers and automatic tank gauge systems and probes. It provides control over any of the dispensers on the forecourt and should not matter what are the brands of dispensers and ATG systems. This completely simplifies work and allows station owners to have control and receive real time data of sales being done at the station by each pump. The forecourt controller which is integrated to our cloudbased petrol station management system allows remote access of the dispensers and owners can see their pump status and receive meter readings after every sale in real time.

Salient Features

  • Easy installation in any dispenser and tanks
  • Supports more than 100 brands of dispensers
  • Supports more than 30 brands of ATG systems and probes
  • Supports simultaneous operation with 50 dispensers and with 50 tanks
  • Built-in web-server for monitoring, configuration, reporting and control
  • Communication interfaces: RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet
  • Rich set of interface converters
  • Automatic operation with storage of pumps sales and tanks measurements to local database
  • Automatic upload of data to remote server
  • Full control of dispensers i.e get dispenser status,start, stop , suspend or resume fueling
  • Get filling information during dispensing process (volume, amount, price)
  • Get transaction information after dispensing process (volume, amount, price)
Petrol Station Management software


Our Fuel Monitoring and Tracking Solution of buses, trucks,agricultutal equipments, construction equipments or earth moving equipments. Codelab is the ideal choice to optimize fuel usage on your fleet. Plus give you a new level of control that you have not experienced before. Codelab Fuel Solution= Fleet management +Digital Fuel monitoring sensor +GPRS/GSM

Our Fuel Monitoring and Tracking Solution online platform provides our clients with real time access and visibility of their vehicles: an easy to use interface requiring no special computer skills and any one can use it.The system is accessible from any internet enabled device including smartphones! We create an account for you whereby you can Login and Track the vehicle Location and run fuel monitoring reports.

– Detects Fraud by capturing actual fuel volume filled into the tank vs receipt
– Protects against all methods of Fuel Syphoning including via return pipe
– Discourages drivers from Freewheeling which is a major cause of accidents.
– Freewheeling is engaging free gears in an effort to save on the fuel.
– System, driver has no motivation to freewheel

– View current fuel volume and consumption rate ON LINE and in real-time
– Fuel Filling: Actual Amount In Ltrs, Time of Fueling and Location
-FUEL DROP (Theft): receive Alert with Actual Amount In Ltrs, Time and
– Full Fleet tracking Functions: Location, route history

– View Live fuel level and consumption report with alerts in case of fuel theft
– Run Monthly or date range Fuel Consumption report
– Generate Fuel filling report for a month or date range
– Generate Daily activity report for the month with Distance,speed and engine hours
– Fuel Drain/Siphon Report
– Per 100 Km Consumption Report
– Trip Consumption Reports

– High quality Tracking Device for Monitoring
– An advanced Fuel sensor
– An online Monitoring Platform

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