Our Fuel Monitoring and Tracking Solution of buses, trucks,agricultutal equipments, construction equipments or earth moving equipments. Codelab is the ideal choice to optimize fuel usage on your fleet. Plus give you a new level of control that you have not experienced before. Codelab Fuel Solution= Fleet management +Digital Fuel monitoring sensor +GPRS/GSM

Our Fuel Monitoring and Tracking Solution online platform provides our clients with real time access and visibility of their vehicles: an easy to use interface requiring no special computer skills and any one can use it.The system is accessible from any internet enabled device including smartphones! We create an account for you whereby you can Login and Track the vehicle Location and run fuel monitoring reports.

– Detects Fraud by capturing actual fuel volume filled into the tank vs receipt
– Protects against all methods of Fuel Syphoning including via return pipe
– Discourages drivers from Freewheeling which is a major cause of accidents.
– Freewheeling is engaging free gears in an effort to save on the fuel.
– System, driver has no motivation to freewheel

– View current fuel volume and consumption rate ON LINE and in real-time
– Fuel Filling: Actual Amount In Ltrs, Time of Fueling and Location
-FUEL DROP (Theft): receive Alert with Actual Amount In Ltrs, Time and
– Full Fleet tracking Functions: Location, route history

– View Live fuel level and consumption report with alerts in case of fuel theft
– Run Monthly or date range Fuel Consumption report
– Generate Fuel filling report for a month or date range
– Generate Daily activity report for the month with Distance,speed and engine hours
– Fuel Drain/Siphon Report
– Per 100 Km Consumption Report
– Trip Consumption Reports

– High quality Tracking Device for Monitoring
– An advanced Fuel sensor
– An online Monitoring Platform

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