Steal Protection Inventory

  • Ingredients are being stolen? Stop it right now
  • By smart inventory system
  • Ingredient and Food Menu Recipe are different module here
  • Define recipe in food profile
  • Ingredient inventory will auto reduce when sale a food
  • You just need to sue
  • When physical inventory mismatches with software

Post-payment & Pre-payment Support

  • Places Order->Running Order & Kitchen->Serve & Eat->Invoice and Payment
  • Places order->Invoice and Payment->Running Order & Kitchen -> Serve, Eat & Close

Recipe Profile for Food Menu

  • Define recipe of Ingredient of each Food Menu
  • When you make a sale
  • Those ingredients will be auto deducted
  • Vegetarian Item Tagging to Filter Quickly in POS Page
  • Beverage Item Tagging to Filter Quickly in POS Page
  • Bar Item Tagging to Filter Quickly in POS Page
  • Assign Modifier
  • Modifier Recipe

Powerful Point of Sale
POS: Order Process
 – Pre-payment and Post-payment support
POS: Running Order
– Real Time Running Order List
– Running Order Modification
– Running Order Cancel
POS: Order Type
– Dine In, Take Away, Delivery
– Service/Delivery Charge
– Delivery Address and checking address for delivery order
– Table with time tracking for Dine In order
POS: Search Experience
– Instant Item Search (Code/Name/Category/Veg Item/Beverage/Bar
– Most selling items appears first in Sale Page
– Just type VEG to filter all Vegetarian Items
– Just type BEV to filter all Beverage Items
– Just type BAR to filter all Bar Items
POS: Kitchen Connection
– Print KOT (if intend to not to use Kitchen Panel)
– Connection with Kitchen Panel
– Connection with Bar Panel
– Kitchen & Bar Notification
– Cook Progress Check from Kitchen & Bar
– In Progress items count show in Running Orders
– In Progress items count show in Running Orders
POS: Modifier
– Item Modifier with Price
– Item Note
– Discount
– Discount by Item
– Discount on Total
– Discount by Fixed or Percentage
POS: Other
– Tax
– Waiter
– Instant Customer Add Option
– Hold Sale
– Tab Responsive (1280×800)

Most Highlighted Features

  • Steal Protected Inventory
  • Running Orders in POS (Modify Running Order, Cancel Running
  • Most Interactive Kitchen Panel
  • Bar Panel
  • KOT Print for Only Modified Items
  • Kitchen Performance Tracking
  • Waste Tracking
  • Most Selling Items Appears First in POS
  • Pre and Post Payment Support
  • Intelligent Item Search
  • Small CRM
  • Small HRM
  • Migration Easy Software