We are everything you need to Manage your business we are always available at your service to help you in fulfilling all the functions whether Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Services, Procurement, and others to make you satisfied

Finance & Accounting

Worried about Accounting problems? Our Accounting Software is worth installing, it is faster and easy to use. The features in accounting are all very clear and it covers all aspects of accounting. You don’t have to worry about your account statements, invoicing, bills and expenses etc.


Based on the available stock level, you can send automatic RfQs to your suppliers.It will help you in improvising your performance related to purchase and inventory with procurement, depending on your stock levels, sales orders, logistics, predict manufacturing orders and others.

Sales & Marketing

Get your customer come closer and engage at every moment of the sales cycle, keep it updated and optimize chances of marketing. Getting in touch with every customer individually, by providing them the real time intent and giving them a pleasure to understand the dynamics of Omni-channel

Production & Engineering

Our ERP will enables you to peep into the entire process of production from the basic production planning to the project management process and onwards to the processes of project management, process scheduling, compliances and mobile supply chain management; reduceding TMC

Point of Sale

We believe in latest and get it up-to-date that is why with the indulgence of latest Omni Channel sales concept your salesperson can have influence advanced insight and engagement capabilities, as well as core sales force automation functions to go beyond traditional CRM.


Get the most efficient stock method and improvise all your internal operations, track all the stock inventories and stock movements from the ware house to sales order and purchase to bin. You can track many serial upstream or downstream anywhere in the supply chain.

Human Resource

We Believe In Modern Human Resource System For Our Clients.As the concepts are changing day by day so we believe in following the latest trends in our each and every app, just Book the latest app about HR and its management systems and you will know how its works with just few clicks


Support with Tickets & Live Chat option is always helpful in engaging with your potential customers and motivating the visitors towards being clients.With our LC feature you can always JOIN WITH CUSTOMERS LIVE,For Live Chatting you don’t need any chatting software to get installed.