Fuel cards system for petrol stations is software complex for management and accounting of fuel sales at a single petrol station or a petrol station network using RFID fuel cards with fuel volume, money and discount wallets or their combinations. The system allows to replace usage of cash and coupons to more reliable and convenient solution using fuel and money cards,. The card system can be used by customer for petrol refilling at a petrol station and/or obtaining a discount. The system allows to issue fuel and discount cards for customers and also the cards management and accounting of all sales using fuel cards, to manage customer accounts, and to set flexible discount system.

Main Functions

  • Issue and management of fuel cards
  • Management of the database of fuel cards and cardholders
  • Creation of discount policies, money and fuel wallets
  • Refilling of fuel volume and money on cards
  • Blocking/restoring of lost cards
  • Extensive reporting of fuel cards turnaround


  • Attracting new customers to petrol station network and ensure existing customer loyalty
  • Flexible loyalty system for customers (possibility to create discount and bonus policies and attractive programs)
  • Absence of a need of cash collection and hence the reduction in overhead costs
  • Reception of preliminary payment from customers (cardholders) and hence quicker money turnover
  • Control over purchases of customers from central office
  • Possibility to analyse sales and monitor trends in sales
  • Various identifiers can be used in the system for identification of the system user: RFID-cards, cards with magnetic strip, chip cards or barcode cards, various dongles
  • Possibility to track actions of fuel attendants and generate reports on daily revenue and hence minimize stealing of fuel by personnel of petrol station
  • Cards can be secured with a PIN-code